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Here are just a few of the comments made recently by some of our owners.

"Excellent for training and social behaviour. Flexibility in that a lesson missed is not a lesson lost."

Diana Garner, Cholesbury

"I adopted a three and a half year old Labrador who was too boisterous for his owners. After 3 or 4 sessions in a village hall training school where we wreaked havoc, I called on Jon.


Jon’s method of training was ideal for us both and three and a half years later we both attend because we enjoy it."

Sue Silkstone, Pitstone

"Since attending the classes, it is clear that Barney has developed into a better, happier dog. I have appreciated the confidence the classes have given me making my time with my dog much more enjoyable and worthwhile.


Jon’s logical methods of teaching make learning easy and fun for both trainer and dog, with the results being only positive. Although each person – and each dog – learn and develop at different paces, the techniques Jon uses ensure an enjoyable, memorable and rewarding experience."

Jill Hatchett, Boxmoor

"Bruno thoroughly enjoys his sessions. The stimulation and socialisation have paid dividends and he is becoming a very well trained dog."

Nick Smith, Berkhamsted

"We were recommended Chiltern Dog School by friends and have found it a great place to bring our dog from a puppy to an adult.


The instructors are experienced, friendly and helpful to both dog and owner and make it an enjoyable and rewarding time. We would strongly recommend CDS to any dog owner."

Norman Nicholls, Berkhamsted

"Have been coming to puppy then dog training classes for 9 years now – so either the classes are enjoyable or I’m a glutton for punishment! Outdoor training is the only worthwhile way to do it – despite the rain we had this year."

Marjorie Clifford, Potten End

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